Government Initiatives on English Medium Instruction in Public Schools in Punjab: Prospects and Problems

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English language is the most powerful language of the world. Being the language of science and technology, language of international communication and global culture, language of commerce and trade, and language of public and private sector in the world, English has become the today and tomorrow of the world. Considering the importance of English, the Government of the Punjab took the initiative and introduced English as medium of instruction in all public schools of Punjab province. This study has been designed to review the government initiatives on English medium instruction in public schools and explore the problems and prospects of this initiative. For this purpose data was collected from different stakeholders that include 192 head teachers, 384 teachers, 768 students and 384 parents and community representatives. In order to collect the data from these stakeholders a survey questionnaire was developed and validated through experts’ opinion and pilot testing. The main findings of the study revealed that majority of the participants agreed that English medium instruction in public schools is a good initiative of government and it is applicable in our school environment. They also thought that we can improve the quality of teaching and learning, face the challenges and compete the world through the implication of English medium instruction in public schools. Similarly, majority of the stakeholders also agreed that we can produce a competent manpower and compete with the private sector through EMIPS initiative. The findings of this study may be useful for the planners, policy makers, curriculum developers and teacher educators to take necessary measures to improve the deficiencies of this fruitful initiative.

Keywords: English Language, Medium of Instruction, Public School, Government of Punjab
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr. Ashiq Hussain

Executive District Officer Literacy, District Government of Nankana Sahib, Government of the Punjab
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Dr. Ashiq Hussain has been serving as Executive District Officer Literacy in District Nankana Sahib. Recently, he is awarded the degree of PhD in Education. He has published seven research papers in international and national reputed journals.

Dr. Naseer Ahmad Salfi

Head Teacher, Education Department Pakistan, Ministry of Education Pakistan
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Mr Naseer Ahmad is pursuing his PhD in the university of Education Lahore Pakistan.He has earned his M.A Education from the University of Punjab with distinction. Presently he is working as headteacher in a secondary school.

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